Barry Scheck November 11, 2014

The Innocence Project: DNA and the Wrongly Convicted

Attorney, DNA expert and co-founder of The Innocence Project, Barry Scheck is known for years of landmark litigation that set the standards for using DNA evidence in courts throughout the country. He has spearheaded a nationwide movement to re-examine the fairness and efficacy of our criminal justice system. The Innocence Project started in 1992, a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent injustice. Scheck and the organization have used DNA evidence to exonerate almost 300 wrongfully imprisoned people, many of whom were on death row or had been incarcerated for decades.

In “Actual Innocence: Five Days to Execution and Other Dispatches from the Wrongly Convicted,” Scheck exposed the mishandled evidence and coercive interrogations that plague the legal process. Publisher’s Weekly called the book “an alarming wake-up call.” In October 2010, Scheck and The Innocence Project were featured in the feature film “Conviction.”
A DNA expert with the O.J. Simpson defense team, Scheck has represented notable clients including Hedda Nussbaum, Louise Woodward and Abner Louima. A commissioner for the New York State Forensic Science Review Board and Professor at the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, Scheck is considered to be on the of 100 most influential lawyers in America.