James Anderson and William Trent November 11, 2008

William Trent

Race, Desegregation, and American Public Schooling

Anderson and Trent are both professors of education policy studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Anderson is also department head. James Anderson’s award-winning research has focused on the history of African American public higher education and the development of African American school achievement in the 20th century. Trent is an internationally recognized researcher in the areas of educational inequality, race and ethnicity and complex organization/social change/policy, and he is currently principal investigator for a comprehensive educational reform project focused on understanding the role of race, ethnicity, class and gender in school reform. Between them, Trent and Anderson have given expert testimony in most of the major legal revisitations of school desegregation cases in the last 15 years. The challenging landscape in K-12 American education and in higher education in terms of access, equity and future effects of current federal and local policy and the law will be the focus of the evening’s discussion.