Bill McKibben October 10, 2012

Bill McKibben

350: The Most Important Number in the World

Bill McKibben is one of America’s best known environmentalists. He has written books that have shaped public perception—and public action—on climate change, alternative energy and the need for more localized economies. McKibben is the founder of, a global grassroots climate change initiative thet organized thousands of events in most of the world’s nations on Oct. 24, 2009. McKibben’s seminal books include “The End of Nature,” widely seen as the first book on climate change for a general audience, and “Deep Economy,” a bold challenge to move beyond “growth” as the paramount economic ideal and to pursue prosperity in a more local direction—an idea that is the cornerstone of much sustainability discourse today. A former New Yorker staff writer and Guggenheim Fellow, he writes for various magazines, including Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, National Geographic and The New York Review of Books. In 2007, McKibben founded to demand that Congress curb carbon emissions that would cut global warming pollution 80 percent by 2050. On April 14, 2007, as part of the effort, McKibben helped lead over 1,000 demonstrations, across all 50 states, a watershed moment described as the largest day of protest against climate change in the nation’s history. In this talk, McKibben will describe the science of climate change and talk about the inspiring global movement that he’s led to help change the world’s understanding of its peril, and spur the reforms necessary to get the planet back to safety.